Our Story

A message from co-founders Drew & Echo:





My name is, Drew. My good friend Echo and I have that type of friendship where we link up and ponder every aspect of existence while we’re trying to figure out how to make money. It goes without saying that recent times have been quite strange for the vast majority of humanity. We’ve experienced so many different emotions and witnessed so many contrasting sociological phenomenons within the past couple of years, and now more than ever, we’ve been asking ourselves the ultimate existential question - what does it mean to be human? Regardless of how tough things are, one thing will always remain true. As a species and a collective, human beings are utterly fascinating. You don’t have to look far to witness love/hate, unity/division, kindness/malevolence, ignorance/awareness... a never ending battle between good and evil, and right and wrong, that we’ve been fighting since the dawn of our existence, and will continue to fight until the moment of our demise. Echo and I have made the conscious decision to take the side of love, unity, kindness, and awareness, and to the best of our ability, share our knowledge and perspectives for the benefit of ourselves and others, and we’ve manifested our first monetized tool as a team to aid us in our mission. 'Still Human Apparel' is a clothing brand that aims to visually capture important aspects of the human experience and present them on tangible articles of expression. Upon purchase, customers will be prompted to select a cause for a portion of the profits to be donated towards, in an effort to help make the world a better place, one T-Shirt at a time. 


- Drew





My name is Echo, and I appreciate your attention. As a child how many of us have had the thought "I want to change the world”? How many dreams and ideas have totally infected our minds, totally taking us over? Joy, stress, love, kindness, anger - the strength of emotion that defines us daily and compels us, calls to us, and whispers sweet nothings into our ears - The desire to be human, and the need to connect to those around us. Everything we think and feel as a COLLECTIVE… reminds us daily that we are STILL HUMAN. Wouldn’t you agree that pain is shared? Greed, happiness, fear, combining to create the human aspect. Something we can neither run from nor explain. Something that reminds us everyday that we are still human. Brotherhood, motherhood, sisterhood, fatherhood, friendship - we create these bonds that tie us together. Our goal here at Still Human is to create these bonds on a massive scale. We would like to remind the world, that at its core values, each and every one of us is Still Human, and that through all corners of the earth, we must come together. As humans it is our job to create, protect, and share our experiences. Only together can we ensure the continued thriving of this beautiful planet which is home to the promise children, the human race. As long as we understand that we are, Still Human.


- Echo